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‘80s Crimso in focus

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Here’s a bunch of reviews of the ‘80s incarnation of King Crimson that you may have missed first time around.

“For newcomers, Discipline is still the gateway, but there’s plenty left to explore once you pass through.”
Read the review here.

Record Collector:


On (and Off) The Road may not include every note that this lineup ever played, but it's as comprehensive a look at this band's four-year run as is necessary to demonstrate just how innovative, forward-thinking and envelope-pushing it was.

You can read John Kelman's exhaustive review of On (And Off) The Road here


Luckily Robert Fripp owns all the rights to King Crimson’s recordings, a process that was not without a struggle. This of course means he has the freedom to release these large box sets. Somehow, sadly, I doubt we’ll ever see ‘Close To The Edge’ or ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’ receive the same treatment...

Read Progressive Music Review here

For many people this first next generation King Crimson album -- the focus of the first Blu-ray Disc in the set -- is the pinnacle of Robert Fripp's vision for a progressive rock entertainment group, offering compelling songwriting, heavenly vocals and masterful instrumental prowess from all band members with a eye to commercial salability...

Read the full Audiophile Review.com review here



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