We have been receiving a number of enquiries about "presale" codes for general tickets for the forthcoming US tour. Sadly, DGM and the band have no access to these codes - these are arranged individually by some venues who offer presale to members of their own subscription clubs. General tickets for all the gigs will go in sale on Friday, and we will be adding the links to the tour pages.

In the meantime, DGM is still offering Royal Packages for most of the gigs guaranteeing a central seat in rows 1-6, as well as a host of other goodies - 1,000 Club members have been sent an email giving them a 10% discount code for these packages.

Sing Crimson Crimson

We've mentioned vocalist Petra Haden's covers of King Crimson songs before on the website. Well, she's just uploaded a beguiling a capella version of The Sheltering Sky. Petra has covered several other Crimson tunes in recent times and comments "This was definitely the hardest of the KC songs I've recorded so far. I almost have enough songs for an album. I'll call it: Sing Crimson." 

Setting up in Seattle up in Seattle

If you've been in a band you'll know know how much work goes into getting everything just so before you can count in and rock out. But if you've not been in a band (or even if you have) then here's a glimpse into the amount of work that goes into setting everything up before the Crims step up and do their thing.


A big thank-you to the staff at Studio X in Seattle for making everyone in the team so welcome.