Remembering Ian Wallace Ian Wallace

On this date in 2007, Ian Wallace passed away. The drummer, who joined King Crimson in 1971, and went on to enjoy a long career playing with artists as diverse as Johnny Halliday, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Rait, Tim Buckley, Eric Clapton, Roy Orbison, Stevie Nicks, Joe Walsh and Bob Dylan to name just a few.

Ian was proud of his work with King Crimson and regarded Sailors Tale as one of his favourites because it enabled him "to do all my Tony Williams licks"...

In an odd moment of history almost repeating itself, in 2003 replaced Michael Giles in the 21st Century Schizoid Band, which featured ex-KC members Mel Collins, Ian McDonald, Peter Giles and future KC guitarist and vocalist, Jakko Jakszyk.

Ian also released two albums with his beloved Crimson Jazz Trio in 2005 and 2009...

Exactly a month after Ian's passing Robert Fripp gave an eulogy at a service of remembrance at which Mel Collins and Jakko Jakszyk also sang Islands by way of a tribute. 

Read Robert's eulogy to Ian here.  

Live In Vienna In Vienna

Live In Vienna, December 1st, 2016 is a new 3-disc set by King Crimson. Featuring a rendition of Fracture, one of the most acclaimed KC compositions and last performed live in 1974, the three-disc set will be released on April 6th and is available for pre-order now.
Inner Knot (USA) and Burning Shed (UK & EU)

Mixed from the original multitracks discs one and two feature the complete first and second sets from the evening’s show. Disc three includes a series of soundscapes edited into newly sequenced pieces. Drawn from the introduction music (composed/improvised afresh for each night) & featuring Robert Fripp, Mel Collins & Tony Levin, this essential component of current live KC shows also receives its most complete presentation to date. In addition, the third disc includes the long awaited live recorded debut of Fracture by the 2016 line-up as performed in Copenhagen.

Disc One:
First Set: (Vienna, 2016)

1 Walk On: Soundscapes: Monk Morph Music Of The Chamber

2 Hell Hounds of Krim

3 Pictures of a City

4 Dawn Song
Suitable Grounds for The Blues


6 The Construkction of Light

7 The Court of the Crimson King

8 The Letters

9 Sailors’ Tale

10 Interlude

11 Radical Action II

12 Level V

Disc Two:
Second Set: Vienna, 2016

1 Fairy Dust Of The Drumsons

2 Peace: An End

3 Cirkus

4 Indiscipline

5 Epitaph

6 Easy Money

7 Devil Dogs of Tessellation Row

8 Red

9 Meltdown

10 Larks' Tongues in Aspic Part Two

11 Starless

Disc Three: Encores and Expansions

1 Fracture 

2 Heroes

3 21st Century Schizoid Man

4 Schoenberg Softened His Hat

5 Ahriman's Ceaseless Corruptions

6 Spenta's Counter Claim

Mel Collins: Saxes & flute

Robert Fripp: Guitar & keyboards

Tony Levin: Basses, stick, voice

Pat Mastelotto: Drums,

Gavin Harrison: Drums

Jakko Jakszyk: Guitar & voice

Bill Rieflin: Keyboards

Jeremy Stacey: Drums & keyboards

Presented in a 4 fold-out digifile package with 16 pages booklet featuring tour photos & notes by David Singleton & housed in a slipcase

At first glance, documenting King Crimson would appear to be fairly straightforward: record everything, document everything, issue a release from each tour or, when relevant. With the current touring band(s) that has resulted in an early, partial set from 2014 (Orpheum), a fan favourite Official Bootleg (Toronto 2015), a complete set list audio & video extravaganza with live/virtual studio listening options (Radical Action, 2016), an EP (Heroes, 2017) & the most recent (& current fan favourite), Official Bootleg (Chicago, 2017). It was always part of the plan that an official release would be taken from the 2016 European tour & the Vienna concerts were duly mixed & produced by Chris Porter, David Singleton & Robert Fripp in early/mid 2017 with a view to being released in Autumn 2017 (as happened in Japan).

But King Crimson evolves, changes, morphs as relentlessly as the Soundscapes which open each concert and, when the early half of the US tour produced the Chicago “snapshot” live tapes & with another leg to the USA tour ending for the latter half of the year, DGM opted to issue Chicago as soon as possible in Europe & the USA, temporarily postponing Vienna for a 2018 release.

Although it was a difficult decision to take, substituting a fully mixed, planned for months, release for an entirely different type of album, [Chicago was an ‘Official Bootleg’ taken directly from soundboard tapes], that decision had one further important ramification. Where the Japanese edition of Vienna had, as a bonus for local fans, live tracks from the 2015 Japanese tour, the additional time gained via the release of Chicago, allowed DGM to research & mix a live recording of “Fracture” – a key performance at a number of 2016 European shows & a piece that had not been performed since 1974 – for inclusion on the Vienna set. The recording featured is from Copenhagen in September 2016. There was also time to consider how the, often over-looked, unique to each evening Soundscape performances which open each concert, could be presented in recorded form. The result is a trio of pieces, drawn from nine separate concerts & edited ‘THRaKaTTaK’ style, featuring Robert, Mel & Tony.

King Crimson continues to re-invent & re-imagine both itself & its music; the kind of thing that once would have been called a “progressive” approach. It’s an approach that has benefited band members and listeners alike from January 1969 & continues with tours of Europe & Japan in 2018, the band’s 49th year.

King Crimson, European Tour, 2018, Europe.

VIP tickets/packages are available for all dates from this link. VIP tickets come with:

Access to the venue one hour before doors

Seating in central sections Rows 1-5
Insights into the world of King Crimson and DGM by David Singleton, producer and manager ("the ninth man")

Q&A with one of the eight band members

Exclusive Collectors' Programme signed by all the members

VIP Laminate

Exclusive Crimson Package Tote Bag

Exclusive 4 CD King Crimson collectors set

On-site host 

Please note that the tickets in the package are sold by the band’s management at a better price than & as a way of preventing exploitation of fans via secondary ticket sellers/outlets.

King Crimson Uncertain Times 2018

13 Jun 2018 Earth Hall Poznan

14 Jun 2018 Earth Hall Poznan

16 Jun 2018 ICE Congress Hall Krakow

17 Jun 2018 ICE Congress Hall Krakow

18 Jun 2018 ICE Congress Hall Krakow

20 Jun 2018 Lichtburg Essen

21 Jun 2018 Lichtburg Essen

23 Jun 2018 Stadhalle Vienna

24 Jun 2018 Stadhalle Vienna

26 Jun 2018 Forum Karlin Prague

27 Jun 2018 Forum Karlin Prague

01 Jul 2018 Admiralspalast Berlin

02 Jul 2018 Admiralspalast Berlin

03 Jul 2018 Admiralspalast Berlin

05 Jul 2018 Cirkus Stockholm

06 Jul 2018 Cirkus Stockholm

08 Jul 2018 Sentrum Scene Oslo

09 Jul 2018 Sentrum Scene Oslo

10 Jul 2018 Sentrum Scene Oslo

13 Jul 2018 Concertgebouw Amsterdam

14 Jul 2018 Concertgebouw Amsterdam

16 Jul 2018 Philharmonie Munich

17 Jul 2018 Philharmonie Munich

19 Jul 2018 Teatro Grande Pompeii Naples

20 Jul 2018 Teatro Grande Pompeii Naples

22 Jul 2018 Auditorium Cavea Rome

23 Jul 2018 Auditorium Cavea Rome

25 Jul 2018 Piazza Napoleone Lucca

27 Jul 2018 Teatro La Fenice Venice

28 Jul 2018 Teatro La Fenice Venice

29 Oct 2018 Pavilion Theatre Bournemouth

31 Oct 2018 St David’s Hall Cardiff

02 Nov 2018 Palladium London

03 Nov 2018 Palladium London

06 Nov 2018 Symphony Hall Birmingham

09 Nov 2018 Bridgewater Hall Manchester

12 Nov 2018 Royal Concert Hall Glasgow

15 Nov 2018 L’Olympia Paris

16 Nov 2018 L’Olympia Paris

Stacey's Crim nightmare Stacey interview

Jeremy Stacey has been talking about his career and the challenges of joining King Crimson. If you think coming in and learning those complex drumming parts might be difficult, then spare a thought for Jeremy who not only had to get his head around the drums but the keyboards as well...

The keyboards were difficult to start with because I used Bill Rieflin’s keyboard rig originally (I have my own rig now). Getting used to his sounds and the way he patched things took a while. All that stuff was just as much of a learning curve as learning the music. Ok, I have to press this foot pedal down, press this button, change the reverb on this and now play the part for four bars and then go back to the kit. It was a bit of a nightmare to learn – but like anything, once you learn it, you’ve got it. Now I could probably do it pretty much on automatic – even though I totally object to being on automatic.

Click here to read the whole interview

Stick Men on tour Men on the March

Stick Men, featuring Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Markus Reuter will be touring through most of next month.

March 1 - Bologna, Italy (Bravo Caffè)
March 2 - Roma, Italy (Planet Live Club)
March 3 - Firenze, Italy (Viper)
March 4 - Milano, Italy (Blue Note) 
March 5 - Lugagnano di Sona, Verona, Italy (Il Giardino)
March 7 - Vienna, Austria (Porgy & Bess)
March 8 - Budapest, Hungary (Budapest Jazz Club)
March 10 - Nove Mesto Nad Vahom, Slovakia (Blue Note)
March 11 - Brno, Czech Republik (Sono Centrum)
March 13 - Prague, Czech Republik (Lucerna Bar)
March 15 - Wolverhampton, England, UK  (Robin 2)
March 16 - Cardiff, Wales, UK (Acapela Studios)
March 17 - Fletching, England, UK (Trading Boundaries)
March 18 - Savigny Le Temple, Paris, France (L'Empreinte)
March 19 - Helsinki, Finland (Tavastia)
March 20 - Pori, Finland (Validi Karkia Klubi) 
March 22 - Skopje, Macedonia (Stanica 26)    
March 24 - Dortmund, Germany (Musiktheater Piano)
March 26 - Aschaffenburg, Germany (Colos Saal)
March 27 - Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Melkweg)
March 29 - Barcelona, Spain (Sala Bikini)
March 30 - Madrid, Spain (Cool Stage)
March 31 - Malaga, Spain (Cochera Cabaret)

Later in the year the trio are set to tour Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Guatemala and Mexico with special guest, David Cross on violin.



Tippett for free for free

Keith Tippett, who contributed his distinctive playing to In The Wake Of Poseidon, Lizard and Islands, is playing a solo concert in Bristol next week.

The details are: 

KEITH TIPPETT SOLO PIANO at The Victoria Rooms on the Triangle at 1PM FRIDAY 23rd February. FREE ENTRY.

BRISTOL UNIVERSITY MUSIC DEPARTMENT'S Lunchtime Concerts presents the Bristol born, internationally acclaimed pianist / composer Keith Tippett.
A very rare opportunity to hear Keith Tippett perform in the City of his birth. Tippett is one of the most important musicians in the history of British Jazz and the world of improvised music. Make sure you arrive on time because nobody is allowed in once the concert starts.

Keith's involvement with Crimson in the '70s was significant with members of his regular band, trumpeter and cornet player, Mark Charig and trombonist Nick Evans, making substantial contributions to Lizard.