Robert on the bus on the bus

There's a quirky article profiling King Crimson ahead of their appearance in Denver.

Read it here.

The above article references a video taken during the band's 2014 tour.

"One of my favorite little clips features the band striding from their hotel in Wisconsin a couple of years ago, onto their not-terribly-plush tour bus and taking a trip to, not kidding, Walmart. Fripp explains with a sly smile he’s only making the trip to pick up some mineral water, a few others on the bus concede sheepishly that they’ll be on the hunt for more caloric indulgences. And the clip ends with a shot of Fripp, the “Yoda of prog guitar” as he’s been incautiously if not terribly inappropriately termed, exiting the escalator, grabbing a cart and disappearing into a Midwestern Walmart in search of bottled water, a cheerful “hello shoppers” recording resonating thinly overhead."

Here's a reminder of the video in question.



Travis & Fripp hot tickle & Fripp hot tickle

Mister Stormy has made a short extract from Travis & Fripp available to download. It's a dreamy rendition of Moonchild, a track which some observers have noted would be a welcome addition to the current King Crimson's setlist. Its appearance as a hot tickle heralds the soon-to-be-becoming-and-forthcoming download bundle of T&F's short run of five concerts in July 2010. Watch this space for details. 

Download Moonchild here

Reviewed & previewed & previewed

"The vibes in the room were awe, glee, and respect intertwined. Devoted loyal die-hards reaffirmed and new fans well acquired, Crimson has substantial ingenuity pumping through its veins." Read the whole review here.


"We love doing it, but we try to really progress and arrive at a new musical place and maybe inspire some young players or maybe not, but certainly challenge ourselves," says Tony Levin in this preview ahead of the band's appearance in Denver later this week. Read the whole piece here.


How cool is this cube? Cube

How would you like six KC album images on one utterly cosmic cube? Be careful what you wish for. Experts are saying that even Ernő Rubik might struggle to solve this conundrum in a cube. The cube is available from the merch stand at KC gigs. And if you’re itching to have a go yourself and can’t get to the gigs then don’t worry. Inner Knot will soon have some for mail order.